Geoff Hawkins Gardening Speaker
Geoff HawkinsGardening Speaker

All the illustrated talks are now done using PowerPoint and a digital projector.


The Answer Lies in the Soil!-

As gardeners we enjoy the beauty of growing and tending plants. This illustrated talk highlights the medium that we grow these plants in – the soil. It is a guide to what goes on in the soil and how we as gardeners can improve the soil and also improve our environment and hopefully the planet.



From 30 acres to 30 sq yds -

An illustrated talk showing how I moved from a large estate to a small town garden.

Garden Design -

An illustrated talk to show you how to go about designing your own garden.

Planning and Planting a border -

An illustrated talk on how to design beds and borders to fit into your garden design.

All year round colour -

An illustrated talk showing plants that give colour in the garden for every season of the year.

Herbaceous borders -

Using illustrations the talk will show a brief history of borders, how to design, plant and look after them.

Friend and Foe – (The Good, The Bad and the Ugly)

An illustrated talk showing you some of the pests and diseases you may find in your garden and also some of the good things that are of value in the garden.

House Plants –

An illustrated talk showing some of the common plants that you are likely to grow in your house.

Wild Flowers -

What wild flowers you are most likely to see as you wonder around the countryside. An illustrated talk.

Vegetable Gardening–

An illustrated talk looking at how to get the best out of your vegetable garden.

Growing Vegetables in Small Gardens-

An illustrated talk showing how even the small garden can produce home grown produce.


Ground Cover -

An illustrated talk giving ideas and plants that can be used in gardens to reduce weed growth and therefore reducing the job of weeding.

Growing Undercover -

An illustrated talk giving a brief history of Greenhouses, conservatory and orangeries and what plants can be grown and how they can be grown.

Shrubs: the backbone of your garden-

An illustrated talk giving you some ideas of which shrubs you could use in your garden to give structure, shape and texture as well as colour through flowers, stems and foliage.


‘Moscow to St Petersburg’ -

An illustrated talk of a visit to Russia along the lakes and canals visiting two of its major cities and interesting places on route.



Question Time

Do you have a Question Time evening?

If so, contact me if you would like me to part of your panel of experts.

I have had many years experience on various panels, sometimes chairing them. If you just need a single voice, then don't worry, I have done that as well.

Are you a charity and would like to do a Question Time Event, then contact me and I will see what I can do. I have been part of several charity panels.



Quiz Night

Would you like a fun evening?

Then let me tempt you with a quiz evening. All based around gardening the questions are fun and educational at the same time.

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